About Us

The UTMOST grant is a collaborative 3-year CCLI Type 2 grant which is funded during September 2010–September 2013, with a no-cost extension through August 2014.


  1. We will create a system that makes it easy for authors to convert open textbooks and other curricular materials to Sage worksheets, interspersing runnable interactive demonstrations and exercises and live Sage code with publication-quality typeset mathematics.
  2. We will convert existing mature open textbooks to this format and create new curricular materials targeting this format, as demonstrations and tests of both the technical and pedagogical aspects of this new approach.
  3. We will partner with eight diverse institutions to test these materials in a wide variety of courses, and provide support for their use and assistance for the creation of new materials.
  4. We will evaluate the effectiveness of our model for making it easy to adopt open mathematics software and textbooks and making it easy to create integrated open curricular materials, and we will measure the resulting impact on teaching practices and the learning of mathematics with the expert assistance of professional evaluators.
  5. We will improve the Sage library and its surrounding infrastructure (e.g., server design, notebook usability, and collaboration tools) where the improvements have a direct and obvious benefit for undergraduate education.


Read our original proposal or the updated supplement for more details. Collaborative award numbers are DUE-1022574 (AIM), DUE-1022036 (Drake U.), DUE-1020957 (Stephen F. Austin State U.), DUE-1020687 (U. Colorado at Boulder), and DUE-1020378 (U. Washington).

(The CCLI program is now known as the TUES program.)

Principal Investigators

  • Rob Beezer, University of Puget Sound–Software, Curriculum, Test Site Mentor
  • Jason Grout, Drake University–Software, Curriculum, Test Site Mentor
  • Tom Judson, Stephen F. Austin State University–Curriculum, Assessment, Test Site Mentor
  • Kiran Kedlaya, MIT and UC San Diego–Test Site Mentor
  • Sandra Laursen, University of Colorado at Boulder–Assessment
  • Susan Lynds, University of Colorado at Boulder–Assessment
  • William Stein, University of Washington–Software, Curriculum, Test Site Mentor

Contact Us

To contact the UTMOST team, email utmost@aimath.org.